Silent mist of the dark

Into the black mist of silence

That surrounds the ever present plains of life

A walk on leads aside

To a stillness deep inside.


This mist hangs aloof

And yet invites all those who pass

Through the plains realizing

That they are all alone, en masse.


Hearts become still

As no thought does cross their minds

They gaze on in the black mist

Knowing not what they’ll ultimately find.


As the reverie siren blows

They aware of a culture of solitude

And the fa├žade that they had created

To satiate their longing of brotherhood.


Some will spend more time

Understanding the existence of the other part

Of the truth that they have just uncovered

In the silent mist of the dark.


Others seeing clearly

Will know the truth at last

That although there is the existence of many

They together form a whole part.


Clear thought will render

Clear vision to those who grasp

The innate duality

Present as long as time lasts.


This silence is but the overture

Of the concerto of life

Those who understand it

Understand its music sublime.

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