This strange foreign land

Anxiety has gripped me deep

And I try to rest my fears

But a queer feeling stays in my heart

A churn, a tremble it mirrors.


Sleep doesn’t come to me

I’m in a strange foreign land

And I feel bereft of my few loves

Be at ease, is something I now can’t.


I look out of the window

Out of the inn where I stay

I see fairy lights shimmering down below

Scripting a charming play.


And, as I gaze in wonderment

I remember my angel’s sweet face

That shines as brightly as those stars,

As sweetly as the lights in this place.


My angel smiles and seemingly sings

All of my anxiety and fears away

This strange foreign land, oh heaven,

Becomes known to me as my angel prays.


Bless those lights & their beauty

And may my angel remind me always

that no land or its people are foreign

as long as you bring your love from far away.

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