Angel in the snow

Deep into the mountains
deeper into the land of snow
there goes a torn traveler
stepping on afore

There were tears in his eyes
and his heart wept with pain
he had come to end his meaningless life
to be forgotten – to be washed away.

As he sat at the cliff – side
looking down at the abyss below
he saw his life flashing by
he saw the sorrow he had seen before.

He saw the end coming near
he saw life’s final glow
But, he saw what he hadn’t seen earlier
he saw an angel in the snow.

As he looked deeper into her eyes
he saw a similar stab of pain
but what he didn’t recognize
was a presence of hope beneath the pain

The angel stood and wept
She wept as if for the dead
She wept for the world had never
given love to the unfortunate

The man saw the angel weep
and his heart stirred to help her
he stepped away from the abyss deep
he stepped towards life and the creator

As he wiped away her tears
he saw her smile wide and bright
he then felt his sorrow and fear
walk away with a silent goodbye

It was then that he realized
that joy and sorrow weren’t rationed
one always made one’s own choice
to welcome in sorrow or joy and passion

On cue, the angel merged into him
and he knew he had to follow his bliss
his heart wanted to sing its serenade
his life’s purpose had become just this.

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