We are good people

We are good people.

We try and make good decisions everyday and try to help those we can. All the while we just go about leading our lives and making a living.

We are good people.

We open our morning newspapers and read the headlines. We see another set of people in distress. Another part of life suffering.

A part of the whole, a part of us.

Our hearts are rent and we despair on why life turns out like this? Why are innocents suffering?

We are good people.

We reach out to blame someone. Hold someone accountable. Be it God, fate, the government, nature, or even us, humanity itself.

That we find someone to blame is just how we choose to rationalize the situation. That we look to pinpoint the proximate cause, the weak link, the lynchpin that gave way, is just us looking for manageable solutions to a complex catastrophe.

All we want is some errant nail that we can bang upon in an effort to drive it in. We don’t want a repeat of such tragedies.

We are good people.

And so we talk. We express our opinions. We point to the straw that broke the camel’s back. We brandish the perpetrator and prosecute with all our might. We cry hoarse and damn its name. We herald a rallying call hoping to recruit more to the cause. We light candles to end the horrifying darkness, that threatens to swallow us whole.

We want the bad to be driven away by the noise we make and the fires we light, much like our ancestors who wished to drive a hungry predator away.

We are good people.

And while this wave does carry on across the world, like all sounds and lights they do dissipate and reach their end. Till the world becomes more increasingly silent and dark.

Till another part of life, of humanity is struck.

With out morning newspapers and the blunt ache in our hearts, we rise again.

We are good people.

But a few of us think differently. A few of us move differently. A few of us step up. A few.

They heed, they respond, they take action.

They lead, we follow. They voice our opinions, we listen. They illuminate the path ahead, we make way.

They make the cause their life’s purpose, as we go on making a living. They don’t let the cause die, as we keep leading our lives.

Are they better people? I don’t know.

But I do know that they take the helm for the many riding with them. We awaken them and ignite the fire within them.

We are their inspiration, their audience, their support. When they give a call to action, we respond in our own tiny ways.

And they know that.

That while fighting a mighty, towering dragon every small bit of armour helps.

They are good people. And we are good people too.

For every good there’s evil. And we might never be able to establish a lasting paradise. An Utopia. All we can acknowledge is that every good deed and choice counts. Every baby step by the many. Every purposeful leap of the few.

The darkness is blinding and the silence deafening. And bad continues to happen. Such is life in an infinite Universe.

As long as we choose to stand by each other, and help in big and small ways, the good fight will continue.

For the collective good.

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  1. maritznicole says:

    Started off lighthearted then quickly hit “things got real.” Powerful words for a powerful piece.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. raonikhita says:

      Thank you so much 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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