This is my day

The bright yellow face rose,
And has now risen to greater heights,
As the day now begins,
As I get going in the crowded sight.

But wait a moment, just wait,
it all seems so, so different,
there’s chaos & chaos outside,
but peace still reigns within.

Chaotic does seem the present,
O, just look at this hullabaloo,
but to be within and yet be out,
is a miracle, so very true.

I seem to be a part of this mess,
of everything going zip-zap-zoom;
of everyone bogged down with frets;
of things rushing ‘n’ causing sonic booms.

Goodness, I am worried!
Is this the old me or have we part?
But even in this suspenseful moment,
there’s warm little bliss glowing in my heart.

I feel full of power.
I feel all so set.
To face the whole world now,
to face any big bad test.

I sing aloud in stupendous joy,
that I’ve confidence in confidence alone.
I smile without a reason why,
but then I don’t care, no, not any more.

Goodness knows, which side of the bed,
I happened to wake today.
But then who cares, there’s a spring in my step,
I am so self assured this very day.

I am free, as free as a bird,
to fly beyond zenith’s height.
I am free, as free as a bird,
Oh, I feel like dancing all the time.

I have energy in me to go on;
on and on and on and on.
Oh, I feel so very blessed,
that now, I enter a new dawn.

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