Train of thought

Llooooonnnngggg train ride home. And DAMN!! The battery gave out. Hmmm… what do I do now? For like another twenty minutes?

Whoa!!! Stinky face alert! Dude, that girl is so bored listening to you. She seems to be batting her eyes at your friend though. Good luck scoring that.

Bored man comes on the PA system. 4 more stops to go. Yayy! Annoyingly loud family gets off. The whole car seems to take a sigh of collective relief. Lol. Except that guy. He seems troubled.

So restless. Knees keep bobbing like a crazy ball going well… crazy. What’s the hurry mister? Maybe he is running to his girlfriend. Yes! That might be it. Cute guys like that always have a girlfriend tucked away somewhere. Some really hot bombshell. Stupid supermodel.

Wait is he crying? His eyes seem to be swimming. No, no really… look at his beautiful eyes all teared up. How can he even look at the blinking lights on the door counting down the stations?

Aww… he looks so sad. Why are you sad Cute Guy? Did stupid supermodel break your heart? Did she stomp with her skyscrapping heels all over your dream? I hate her already.

Oh my!! Even his face is getting all scrunched up in pain. Maybe she is dying. Yes, that must be it. He is sad and is trying to hurry back to his dying girlfriend. Aww… Don’t worry. You will find love all over again.

Did Bored Man announce my stop? Gotta get near the door. Bag-check, ridiculous looking potted plant- check. Last look at Cute Guy-check.

Oh! He is getting down here too. Maybe he lives nearby. Maybe I can talk to him, help him out. Maybe… Wow… look at him sprint. Where is he going? Have to keep up. Man alive… what speed! I am gonna loose so much weight in this pursuit. There he is. looking a bit desperate and confused. Huh?!? He just picked up speed again and dashed… Ewwww!!! Right into the bathroom!

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  1. Oh I too have had that kind of feeling in public transport. 😀 Although I do not hope that anyone would have noticed my antics me like that.

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    1. raonikhita says:

      Somehow I have a feeling that everyone on public transport is just thinking about everyone else.


      1. Please stop making me feel so self conscious 😀

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  2. raonikhita says:

    Rofl… I meant that you are not alone. Hehehehe. Keep up the people watching. Hope to compare notes 😉


  3. W. E. Bennett says:

    This was really funny, and it totally reminds me of what I do in public places: make elaborate backstories for people I’ve never met 😂

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    1. raonikhita says:

      Hahaha. Looks like people watching is a popular past time.

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